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살균백 6개입

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Latch Sterilize Bags, 6 Bags


6 Bags


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(1100W 1.5분, 800~1100W 3분, 600~750W 5분)

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제품 영문 설명

Munchkin's LATCH™ Sterilize™ Bags allow you to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from bottles, nipples, pacifiers, teethers, small toys and breast pump accessories when on-the-go. Just fill the bags with small feeding items and water, pop them in the microwave, and you're full steam ahead for a hygienic clean! The set includes six bags and each bag can be used up to 30 times. The bags come with an easy spot to mark after each steam cycle to help you keep track of how many times you have used them. And to keep you safe from burns, each bag contains Cool-Touch™ grip for easy handling and a tab opening to allow steam to escape. Baby-safe cleaning should always come this naturally and easily.


Caution: This product may cause burns when removed from microwave. Allow to cool for 10 minutes. Follow instructions properly as the bag contains hot steam and water. Check temperature before holding sterilizer bags. Use Cool-Touch grip for burn free handling. This is not a toy, adult use only. Not for use for breast pump piston and cylinde. Tubing requires 4 oz of water and can be steam-cleaned with any other item. Using less than 2 oz of water may wrap bag contents. Always check manufacturers guideliness to ensure items are safe for steam sterilization. Do not place the bag on a metallic grill or dish when placed on the microwave. Discard and replace at first sign of weakness or damage.

Instructions for use: 1.) Rinse before use. 2.) Add water. 3.) Place in bag. 4.) Zip in bag. 5.) Microwave. 6.) Empty water.

Microwave cooking times: +1100W - 1.5 mins,  800 - 1100W - 3 mins,  600 - 750W - 5 mins


Holds up to 2 wide mouth bottles or double breat pump parts. 30 uses per bag



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